JC Barba is a classicly trained aritst. Over the last 5 years JC has worked on video game and animation projects as a concept and story board artist while also being a local art instructor at three different elementaries.

7 Years ago, JC started working as a professional caricature artist and since then has drawn caricatures for: NBC, Match.com, Mary K, Six Flags, McDonalds, Beaumont Ranch, Main Event, and the Texas State Fair. Innovation, passion, and problem solving make up the three pillars that JC lives by when tackling any given project.

JC has also been a featured artist in many ArtLoveMagic shows including the select annual "Underground" art show as well as the Artist v.s. Architects annual show.  JC has also worked as a producer in the animation and film industry with his latest project being the award winning Niko and the Sword of Light. Currently JC works out of his studio in Deep Ellum where he also teaches and offers individualized classes.


© 2012 by JC Barba / Email - Barba.JC@gmx.com

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