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Studying the great masters of art became an obsession for JC Barba during his youth. One of the common denominators that the masters all had was a strong understanding of anatomy. This ignited a passion in JC for studying human physioligy. During this journey to learn human anatomy JC has gone and created his own 450 page anatomy book called "Creation of Man". Along the way JC has worked for a Russian style Art Academy as an anatomical and figurative instructor. Currently JC is working at the Dallas Creative Arts Center and at his studio location in the Bishop Arts of Oak Cliff as an Anatomy Instructor. JC has done live anatomy demos for the DFW International Airport, The Latino Cultural Center of Dallas, Booker T. Washington School as well as many other institutions. JC is devoted to his art and to achieving excellence in his craft. This is the same standard that JC demands out of his students.  

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